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Social Distancing Activities with Parkson Rex

While one of his favorite things is visiting our playgrounds and exercising at our recreation centers, Parkson Rex has been practicing social distancing and finding new ways to play and recreate! Here are some suggestions of games and activities that you can do in the comfort of your own home or yard: - Hunt for acorns or pinecones - Play Eye Spy - Sit inside (or outside) and go 'Squirrel Watching' - Color a Picture of Parkson Rex - Read a book under your favorite tree - Go on a nature walk in your backyard - Draw a picture or your favorite tree - Build a Squirrel Nest (fort) - Have an Echo Dot? Ask "Alexa open up animal sounds" and ask to "Visit the squirrel" - Have a dance party to squirrel tunes - one of Parkson Rex's favorites is  Grey Squirrel Shake Your Bushy Tail If you find yourself participating in one of these nutty activities, don't forget to share a picture with Durham Parks and Recreation by connecting with us on social

The Hunt is On!

During this time the health and safety of our residents and staff are our top priority, beginning at 3 p.m. on Sunday, March 15, all City of Durham Parks and Recreation facilities and pools will close to the public.We have canceled and/or suspended all instructional and drop-in programs, leagues, activities, and events until further notice. This includes the scheduled Egg Hunts discussed in this blog post. For more information, visit our website at . Mark your calendars for our upcoming Egg Hunts scattered across the City with opportunities for children, adults and canines to participate. From finding the golden egg to face painting to pictures with Mr. Bunny, these family friendly events are sure to be the highlight of your weekend! As you begin stretching and preparing for these Egg Hunts, make sure you remember to bring your own basket to collect eggs. Here's a quick guide to make sure you don't miss out on the fun... Spring Egg Dive Saturday, March 28 f

We're Hiring! Lifeguards Wanted!

Do you enjoy spending time at the pool? Do you have strong swimming skills? We're hiring full-time, part-time and seasonal Lifeguards to join the Durham Parks and Recreation Aquatics team! Advance in your career while making a real difference in the community you serve. Consider applying to work with us today. Below is more information about the position as well as how you can learn more about what our Aquatics departments offers to Durham residents. Job Description & Benefits Duties/Responsibilities Observes pool area with strict safety measure. Disciplines all patrons who violate pool safety rules. Teaches swimming classes organized by the Recreation Department. Aids in reorganizing swimming team(s) and carries out swimming meets. Treats minor injuries with basic first aid. Assists in the pool and bathhouse maintenance assigned by the Pool Manager. Encourages participants to take part in the Water Safety Program. Assists in maintaining a high water quality. Pe