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Dreaming about Goals? Make ‘em with DPR!

Break out your cleats and shin guards for another awesome season of adult women's soccer with Durham Parks and Recreation! Whether you were the high school all-star years ago or enjoy playing soccer for fun, we welcome all ladies to join us for some friendly competition on the field. We offer two Women's leagues, in both the Fall and Spring, that are available for ages 17+ and 30+. If you are a City Resident, the players fee for the season is $39 and for Non-City Residents, it costs $54. Before signing up, make sure to review the Code of Conduct as we require all participants to adhere to rules and regulations throughout the season. The first league, Women's Open League, is open to those 17 years old and up and games are played on Tuesday and/or Thursday evenings. The second league, Women's 30+ League, plays their games on Monday and/or Wednesday evenings. All games will begin the second week of September and are held at Old Chapel Hill Road or Piney Wood Park st

History Struck by Lightning in DPR Park

On Thursday, August 1, a lightning storm came through Durham and struck the tree next to the McCown-Mangum House at West Point on the Eno causing some large branches to be weakened and fall to the ground. The strike was so powerful that some of the smoke detectors in the house went off. Fortunately there was no damage to the house, but that was not the case for the tree. And why is this tree so important? This 150-180 year old White Oak is not only historically important for its age, but is also a key part of the landscape around the McCown-Mangum House. Hugh Mangum captured this tree in several photographs of the house and the family. Which is why Durham Parks and Recreation is putting in the effort to save the tree! Initial Evaluation During an initial evaluation from The City of Durham's Urban Forestry department on Friday, August 2, it was determined that the tree would be expected to survive, but no one will officially know until an aerial inspection is completed. Even then,

Summer Fun Recap at Edison Johnson

When you think about summer, the words relaxing, carefree, and restful might come to mind. It can be a time of year, especially for children, when schedules change, activities are paused, and responsibilities lessen. Summer is also a great time to keep children active and engaged. It’s an opportunity to learn new things and explore new places. Edison Johnson Recreation Center offered some fun new programs this summer for kids of various ages, as well as some returning favorites. These programs kept their minds and bodies active, and gave them something fun to do while out of school. Kid Fit kept toddlers and preschoolers active with a fun, energetic mix of stretching, balance, and agility exercises. They were able to express themselves and explore what they are capable of in a safe fitness environment. Not only did they burn energy and gain confidence, they also practiced their social skills like following directions, waiting for their turn, and cheering for their classmates. Pr

Top 5 Things We Love About...West Point on the Eno!

Located along a 2-mile stretch of the scenic Eno River, West Point on the Eno is a 404-acre natural and historic park which can be accessed at 511 North Roxboro Road, 6 miles north of downtown Durham. With several historic buildings and outdoor features, this is a must-see park in Durham! The park also offers activities year-round for all ages to enjoy. To learn about programs, activities and events available at West Point on the Eno pick up a copy of the Play More Guide at any facility, the administrative offices or view online . There is also a printable, on-the-go brochure with all the information you need to know as you explore the grounds of  the park. While there are so many things to consider, here are our top five things we love about West Point on the Eno...  McCown-Mangum House: A restored 1850's farmhouse, perfect for photos and available to tour and rent. Please note, this facility is currently not accepting reservations. Please continue to check our website for