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Book Harvest: Resources During Covid-19

By:  Daniele Berman, Communications Manager at Book Harvest North Carolina children’s literacy organization Book Harvest provides an abundance of books and ongoing literacy support to families and their children from birth and serves as a model for communities committed to ensuring that children are lifelong readers and learners. Our vision is of a world in which reading, learning, and access to information are considered rights, not privileges, so that all children thrive. When schools and childcare centers began closing in mid-March, our team at Book Harvest knew it was more important than ever for parents to have access to support as they worked hard to keep their children learning at home, even as many were dealing with changes to their own work as well, either working at home or dealing with the stress of job cuts and losses. We remain, as always, committed to meeting children and families where they are, even when everyone is just staying home. So over the past ten weeks,

Durham's ABC Workout

By: Morris Johnson, Recreation Specialist Exercising is necessary for a healthy and productive way of life. Some of us work out to achieve long-time goals whereas some may want to simply stretch their muscles with a brisk walk after some long hours sitting at the desk. While it is no doubt easier, and perhaps even more motivating, to get out of the house to work out at the gym or other fitness facilities, during this time there is no such luxury. However, regardless of the intensity or duration of the workout, our bodies and our minds experience the immediate benefits that come from exercising and becoming active, and it is for this reason that we should not stop working out – or postpone starting to work out – while we have to stay inside. Who's ready to workout with words!? We're sharing a great way to learn more about your community while getting healthier and becoming more active at the same time. Here is a simply plan to follow while practicing social distancing and r

Get to Know Durham Trails: Ellerbee Creek Trail

By: Mark Kinsey, Office Assistant We're coming to you with a Durham Trail Spotlight! This week we’re highlighting features of Ellerbee Creek Trail that are fun for children and their families to enjoy while keeping social distancing in mind. We’ve also created an activity sheet you can complete at home or take with you to a park! Download the activity sheet here . About the Trail Ellerbee Creek Trail is part of the North-South Greenway , which extends all the way from Horton Road to Jordan Lake. There are many fun things to explore along the way, but the one-mile section that runs from Rock Quarry Park past Edison Johnson to Northgate Park has several surprises worth discovering! If you start your adventure in Rock Quarry Park , there is a huge event field with plenty of room to be active. Your friends and family can throw a frisbee, play catch, kick a ball, play a game of tag, fly a kite and more. When was the last time you played Simon Says or Mother May I? There is al

Jam Session on the Eno: The Hidden Music of Milling

By: Seth Dubowsky, Historic Mill Interpreter Fitz Style Water Wheel at West Point When I first entered the West Point Mill I confess I was more interested in the building than the milling equipment. Although it is a reconstruction, the West Point Mill exhibits some great examples of post and beam carpentry. I talked a bit of history with the Millers, got a tour of the building, and got a rundown on the basic operation of the mill. No one told me about the music… Now hold up just a sec. You are probably thinking that I'm about to promote the latest festival, holiday event, or dance camp that takes place in our Durham parks. These are all great events, and they help to bring music to life in our parks, but that isn't where I'm going with this. Don't scroll down just yet. What no one told me about old mills is that each one has a sound that is unique unto itself. There are toe tapping, rhythmic harmonies that every mill produces, and anyone who has been aro