Durham's ABC Workout

By: Morris Johnson, Recreation Specialist

Exercising is necessary for a healthy and productive way of life. Some of us work out to achieve long-time goals whereas some may want to simply stretch their muscles with a brisk walk after some long hours sitting at the desk. While it is no doubt easier, and perhaps even more motivating, to get out of the house to work out at the gym or other fitness facilities, during this time there is no such luxury. However, regardless of the intensity or duration of the workout, our bodies and our minds experience the immediate benefits that come from exercising and becoming active, and it is for this reason that we should not stop working out – or postpone starting to work out – while we have to stay inside.

Who's ready to workout with words!? We're sharing a great way to learn more about your community while getting healthier and becoming more active at the same time. Here is a simply plan to follow while practicing social distancing and remaining home when possible:

Durham's ABC Workout 

If you are looking to mix up your fitness routine, here is a cool way to challenge yourself! Every day, come up with a new word to match the workout with the letters below. For example, start out with BULLCITY. This would mean you complete 50 jumping jacks, 40 high knees, 12 burpees, 12 burpees, 20 crunches, 60 second plank, 60 second wall sit and 12 jumping lunges. Try working out to your first and last name, your street name, your favorite band or even the State you were born in.

A: 15 Pushups                                 
B: 50 Jumping Jacks                           
C: 20 Crunches                                   
D: 10 Burpees                                       
E: 60-Second Wall Sit                         
F: 20 Arm Circles                                 
G: 20 Squats                                         
H: 30 Jumping Jacks
I: 60-Second Plank
J: 20 Mountain Climbers
K: 40 Crunches
L: 12 Burpees
M: 15 Squat Jumps
N: 10 Pushups
O: 20 Lunges
P: 10 Triceps Dips
Q: 20 Jumping Jacks
R: 60-Second Plank
S: 30 Bicycle Crunches
T: 60-Second Wall Sit
U: 40 High Knees
V: 30 Squats
W: 15 Triceps Dips
X: 10 Mountain Climbers
Y: 12 Jumping Lunges
Z: 30 Crunches