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Grab Your Fall 2018 Play More Edition Today!

Can you believe summer is almost over? We’re so excited for all that’s ahead! This fall is jam-packed full with so many new activities and programs for every age to enjoy. If you haven’t picked up a copy already, the September-December 2018 Play More Guide is now available. You’ll be able to learn more about the Bull City Campout, Pickleball, Babysitter Training, and how to volunteer with Cultural Heritage. Make sure to save the date...registration for most activities begins on Wednesday, August 1, 2018! What is the Play More Guide? Play More is a guide to creative and challenging recreation choices in Durham and is produced by Durham Parks and Recreation (DPR). Three editions are published throughout the year - June-August, September-December, and January-May. Each guide consists of upcoming activities for all ages to enjoy, including both registered and drop-in activities. Inside each Play More Guide you will find detailed information on our Play More card, pass sale chart, f

What A Week...Walltown Teen Camp!

By: Chris Gatewood, Volunteer Services and Operations Management Intern What is a Volunteer?  Volunteer: [vol-uhn-teer] - n. One of life's most valuable natural resources. Volunteering is often considered an unselfish act and many times is intended to promote the common good and improve the quality of human life. Volunteering produces feelings of self-worth, respect, and opens our eyes to some of the challenges in the world around us. The Walltown Teen Camp (WTC) did a remarkable job of volunteering unselfishly during the week of July 9-13. During that week they helped 8 different non-profit agencies throughout Durham and learned about the mission and importance of each. In 2017, the estimated value of a volunteer’s time in NC was $23.41/hr. So, WTC donated nearly $5,700 worth of time back to their community! ( So, what did we do?...  Senior CommUnity Care of North Carolina Our first stop of the week was with Senior CommUnity Care of North Carolin

Join the Fun Caravan!

By: Laura de Ara, Master Program Specialist For over 40 years, Durham Parks and Recreation’s “Fun Caravan” has provided our community with a memorable tradition that intends to build a bond between families and the parks that frame our neighborhoods. Originally developed as a series of one-week playground programs, the Fun Caravan would operate all day long out of many of our historical schools. Here is an article from The Carolina Times promoting the program on June 26, 1976; the full publication can be accessed by clicking here .  During those early years, Fun Caravan was under the supervision of, Carl Washington, DPR Director. Washington was a prominent figure in our community, his efforts helped shape Durham into the progressive melting-pot that it is today. He is remembered for the establishment of, and acting city liaison to, Northeast Central Durham. He tackled issues of crime, poverty, and racial divide through programs like Partners Against Crime, Hispanic Outreach Inte

West Point Pavilion Project Updates

By: Durham Parks Foundation West Point on the Eno is getting a new Environmental Education Pavilion this summer! The NC State Summer Design Studio, helmed by Ellen Cassilly of Ellen Cassilly Architects, and Randy Lanou, Erik Melman and Scott Metheny of BuildSense, has selected this site as their 2018 project. We’re excited now to unveil the winning design for the Pavilion! The students from the NC State Summer Design Studio have outdone themselves, creating a design that will meet educational programming needs while also providing a new native prairie habitat for the public to explore. We look forward to sharing the final product with you at the end of July. In the meantime, we’re excited to show you a preview of this new gem of the West Point of the Eno! We hope that you’re as impressed with the space these students are creating for park visitors like you. This new facility will activate the underutilized northern section of the West Point Park, allowing DPR staff to add E

Creative Street Art at Walltown

By: Elaine VanHoose, Recreation Assistant Supervisor The creative youth of Durham discovered a new realm of art this spring at Walltown Park Recreation Center. Beginning Street Art led by instructor Brandon Hampton, allowed boys and girls ages 10 -15 the chance to learn the outdoor art in a safe, responsible way. During the 2-hour sessions, participants used spray paint on shrink wrap strung between trees to learn the different types of nozzles and the techniques used to create street art then advanced to wood to bring their colorful creations to life. Hampton, a local artist who reached out to Durham Parks and Recreation by contacting Danielle Haynes, School-Age Care Program Administrator, and Tom Dawson, Assistant Director, to create the program said reception was overwhelming positive. “Parents have expressed that their kids enjoy coming, as well as their amazement at the kids’ artwork,” he said. By the end of the 6-weeks, participants learn various styles of street art and how