Geocaching in Durham Parks!

Are you and the family looking for something fun to do this summer? How about take an adventure in Durham and partake in a real-world treasure hunt in the great outdoors! It's called Geocaching and here's how it works! After creating a free account online, you'll navigate your way through our parks using GPS coordinates that have been specifically set to lead you to a certain location (i.e. under a park bench by the playground). Each location has a fun name tied to the geocache, which sometimes help you navigate to the landmark. For example, there is a geocache ready to be found called "EE Pavilion" at West Point on the Eno...this is most likely located somewhere very close to our brand new Environmental Education Pavilion.

Once you are near the location, read the clues provided to then locate a hidden container called the 'geocache'. For more in depth instructions and FAQS, visit this website. You can log your progress and let others know if you found the container or not, as well as make your own geocaches for others to find. And there is even an app you can download to your phone for easy on the go access to the coordinates.

Here's a few of our Durham parks that you can check out with geocache containers ready to be found: (for specific locations and coordinates, you will need to visit this website to create an account)

Forest Hills Park - "Splish Splash - a Durham cache"
Rockwood Park - "Rockwood Cache", "Rockwood #2"
Wrightwood Park - "Riding the Rail!" (hard to find)
Orchard Park - "Hill House View"
Duke Park - "You Might Learn Something"
Northgate Park - "Treehive"
Oval Drive Park - "Note Me"
West Point on the Eno - "EE Pavilion", "Crooked Creek"
Morreene Road Park - "DPR Critter: Morreene Road Park", "Morreene Road Park Cache"
Southern Boundaries Park - "Southern Celebration", "Southern Boundaries Park - Tennis Anyone?", "Celebrate Fourth of July"

And don't forget to share with us some pictures of your geocaching trip in our parks! We want to see what you find and hear about your successful treasure hunt in local Durham Parks and Recreation parks.

Did you know geocaching is all around the world? After exploring Durham, take your geocaching expertise to other locations like the beach, mountains and other states! Good luck on all your geocaching adventures!