Fitness For the Family

By: Kristen Randall, Special Programs Recreation Assistant Supervisor

Here are some fun activities ​geared towards children ages 3-7 that you can play indoors or outdoors with the entire family! Make sure to connect with us on social media and share a picture of your family playing these games and completing the activity.
Color Game The objective of the game is to work on identifying colors, working on matching, and getting your child moving. This game can be played indoors or outdoors!

Supplies needed: Colored Construction paper, A bowl [If you don’t have construction paper use crayons or markers]

How to Play:
  1. Each child/children comes up to the bowl and picks a color.
  2. Once the child/children pick a color they need to go find something in the house, garage, or outside that is the same color and bring it back.
  3. Designate an area on the floor for items to be placed.
  4. Then pick another color from the bowl and repeat 4 rounds
  5. Have each child place all 4 items in front of them.
  6. Pick an exercise for each color. If they picked the color red 2 times then they do that exercise twice. If they pick the color red 4 times then they do that exercise 4 times.
  • Color Red – jumping jacks
  • Color Blue – toe touches – raise hands up and go down and touch your toes
  • Color Green – sit-ups
  • Color Yellow- some kind of animal hop forward

Animal Movement Game The objective of the game is to have the participants move in a space creating animal movement. The participants will use their creative thinking to come up with their animal movement. This game can be played indoors or outdoors.

Supplies needed: Something to mark off a distance to move back and forth

Examples: Indoors - stuffed animals, cups, pillows
Outdoors – jump rope, tennis ball, chalk

How to Play:
  1. Line up child/children at one end of space
  2. Call out an animal
  3. Child/children will act this animal movement out moving down the space you provided
If you have multiple children allow a new caller to come up and call out animal movements.

Action Word Game The objective of the game is to learn different types of movement using action words over a large area. This game will also work on listening skills. This game can be played indoors or outdoors.

Supplies Needed: Paper, Pen/Marker

How to Play:
  1. Write an action word on each sheet of paper: Stomp, Turn, Clap, Run, Jump, Walk, Wiggle, March, Dance.
  2. Spread words through the house or driveway or yard.
  3. Create a starting point. One person at a time goes if you have multiple children.
  4. Say “GO” child runs to first sign then does that action to the next sign, and so on. (Read the signs together if your child/children need help). Once they reach the last sign they run to starting line. Next person goes if you have multiple children.

Kicking Game The objective of this game is for the participant to work on striking a ball, focusing on a target, and following through in their kick. This game can be played indoors or outdoors.

Supplies needed:
  • Choice of cups, blocks, stuffed animals, anything that can be a target.
  • Soccer ball or anything the child can kick
How to Play: Set targets about 10 feet away. Set up about 5 targets
  1. Child stands at the other end about 10 feet away. You can move child closer if you need to. Make sure to show a line where they need to stand.
  2. Work on striking the ball forward to hit the target – child will want to use hands, but encourage them to use their feet.
  3. Once they kick the ball have them return to the line and place the ball down for another try at target 2 then continue until all 5 targets are down.
  4. Once they kick over all 5 targets they can start again.