Let's Go On A Nature Scavenger Hunt

By: Hillary Harrison, Recreation Specialist

Are you looking for something different to do outside with your family? Now more than ever we should be taking time to go outdoors to breathe fresh air and feel the sunshine on our skin. But perhaps a walk around the neighborhood or in your backyard just isn't cutting it right now. Add some excitement and explore a little more by going on a Nature Scavenger Hunt! A scavenger hunt is a great way to get the whole family involved in engaging with the outdoors.

We've created a downloadable Nature Scavenger Hunt activity sheet for you to print out at home!

After downloading the activity sheet, check out the many ways you and your family can go on the hunt...
  • Race Each Other: Everyone chooses a few items to find. See who can find all of their items first! 
  • Work Together: Everyone works together to find as many items on the hunt as you can. Try to see if you can find them all! 
  • Play PARK (like BINGO but with 4 letters): Try to find 4 across, down, or diagonal. 
  • Time Yourself: On the first day, choose how many items you want to find. Time yourself each day to see how long it takes to find that many items! Some days you might find more quicker! (Perhaps discuss why you found more. Was the weather better? Was it warmer out? Was it less noisy in your neighborhood? Why would this make a difference?) 
  • Photo Hunt: Bring your camera or phone with you on the hunt and take a picture of everything you find! 
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