Spreading Cheer with Chalk

By: Andrea Hicks, Recreation Assistant Supervisor

Let’s have fun with chalk! Paint your park, driveway, sidewalks and more.  Here are some great activities that your little ones can do as well as the entire family. 

  • Encouraging Messages are a great chalk activity. Get out and spread encouraging messages of hope during this time of uncertainty to encourage your neighbors and community. Please remember to keep in mind social distancing while doing this activity.  And let your creativity run wild.  
  • Mosaic Chalk Art can be interactive and fun for the entire family. Create pretty mosaic chalk pieces that will brighten anyone's day while out and about. All you need is masking tape or painters tape to help outline the design on the concrete.  Once the design is taped down, use chalk to color the shapes between the tape different colors. Add a special twist by adding a short message within your art.
  • Chalk Portraits are also a great way to spend time outdoors and let your imagination go free! Use the sidewalk as a big canvas be creative and think of fun was you can incorporate yourself in your art. You could create butterfly wings, balloons to fly away with or weights to lift in the sky!
  • Chalk Games are also easy and fun! From traditional hopscotch to 4 square, get creative making a fun chalk game or maze. Other game ideas you can play with chalk include Hangman, Connect the Dots, and Line Tag (draw a bunch of lines in a large space, choose one person to be the tagger, play traditional tag but only running on the chalk lines).

And the great thing about chalk....if you don't like what you have created or need more room, grab a bucket of water for a fresh canvas! The possibilities with chalk are endless and provides the opportunity to get outside and be creative in nature! So now it's your turn, we want to see the chalk creations you and your family come up with. Take on the DPR Chalk Creation Challenge!

DPR Chalk Creation Challenge 
We're looking for the best Chalk Creation in Durham! After creating your chalk masterpiece, take a picture and share it with us on Social Media. Tag us @dprplaymore in the post or search for the Challenge Post on Facebook to submit your creation. Then we will turn to Durham residents to help us determine the winner! All submissions must be turned in by Wednesday, May 6 by 5 p.m.