Repaving Durham One Trail at a Time

Did you know that Durham Parks and Recreation (DPR) is responsible for the maintenance of 31 miles of trails throughout the City!? From Stadium Drive Trail and Third Fork Creek Trail to Sandy Creek Trail and Rocky Creek Trail, these multi-use trails are free and accessible to the community, providing opportunities for residents to recreate and exercise.

In 2017, DPR completed a Trail Condition Assessment to review general conditions of the City’s trail network and compliance with American with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines. The assessment focused on identifying trails that were in the worst and most dangerous condition, specifically those that have received little to no investment from the City for resurfacing and those located in historically disadvantaged communities. Beginning Spring 2022, several of Durham's trails will be receiving some much-needed repair work to ensure residents can enjoy their walks, runs, and bike rides safely.

The Department of Public Works (DPW) is partnering with DPR to manage this year-long trail repair project, which will repair the surface and make minor stormwater improvements to multiple sections of trails. If the budget allows, here is an overview of the approximately 8 miles (42,704 feet) of trails, in no particular order, that are being considered for repair s now through Spring 2023...
  • Ellerbee Creek Trail - from Club Boulevard to Stadium Drive
  • Rock Quarry Spur/Vietnam Veterans Memorial Trail - from Stadium Drive to W Murray Avenue
  • American Tobacco Trail (Phase D) - from Dunhill Drive to NC 54
  • Riddle Road Spur - from American Tobacco Trail to Briggs Avenue
  • West Ellerbee Creek Trail - from Albany Drive to Maryland Avenue
  • Warren Creek Trail - from Stadium Drive to Horton Road
  • Rocky Creek Greenway - connecting Fayetteville Street Elementary, Elmira Avenue Park and Shepherd Middle School
  • South Ellerbee Creek Trail - from Dacian Avenue to Club Boulevard/Ellerbee Creek Trail
  • Renaissance Parkway Sidepath - from NC 751 to Fayetteville Road
  • Sandy Creek Trail - from Sandy Creek Park to Pickett Road
  • New Hope Creek Trail - from Old Chapel Hill Road to Old Chapel Hill Road Park
So what does this mean for trail users? The DPW and DPR will focus on one section of trail at a time. While repair work and construction is taking place, the specified trail section will be closed until the asphalt has properly cured. For updates on which trail is closed for repair, visit our website. Also check out the 2022-2023 Trail Repair Project Map.

In the meantime, we encourage the community to discover some of the other trails and greenways around Durham! Visit our website for the full list of trails and greenways as well as check out the Durham Bike & Hike Map available electronically through the City's website.