Community-Guided Improvements Coming Soon to Lyon Park

Lyon Park is getting ready to receive some highly-anticipated, community-guided improvements! Located at 1200 W Lakewood Avenue, Lyon Park is a multi-use community park in West Central Durham situated between West End, Morehead Hill, Forest Hills, and Lakewood Park neighborhoods. The current park features include a picnic shelter, playground, swings, basketball court, athletic field and restrooms.

Back in 2017, Durham Parks and Recreation (DPR) received concerns from nearby residents around the park regarding the out-of-service light pole, the need for more lighting, issues with the restrooms, feeling unsafe, the need for more maintenance, and the on-going issue of litter being left around the park. These improvement requests aligned with DPR’s interest in finding ways to support Durham’s growing population, supporting types of recreation gaining popularity, and attracting users to re-engage with Lyon Park.

In 2018, DPR took action and began performing an assessment of the park to address resident concerns. This assessment consisted of four (4) primary concepts: Natural Surveillance, Natural Access Control, Territory Reinforcement, Maintenance & Stewardship. Read through the assessment findings and the Park Plan on our website.

Now jumping ahead to 2022, staff from multiple city departments including Parks and Recreation, General Services, and Neighborhood Improvement Services are working together to develop short term and long term steps to continue moving the project forward, with the goal to increase feelings of joy, safety, and fun for park users by Fall 2023.

So what does that mean for residents!? We want and need your input along the way! This project requires guidance from the community to share their thoughts and opinions on what new recreation features should be added, what park maintenance improvements are needed, and more! Please consider joining us at one of the upcoming in-person engagement activities taking place throughout the summer. All upcoming engagement opportunities can be found online. Unable to make it in person? Share your opinions by completing the online survey!

And a special thank you to all of our community partners! We appreciate their support on this project!
  • Dosali Reed-Bandele, Executive Director for West End Community Foundation
  • Constance Walker, Founder & Executive Director of the West End/Lyon Park Legacy Project
  • Latoya Alston, Community Partner & West End/Lyon Park Resident
  • Jesse Huddleston, Community Partner & West End/Lyon Park Resident
Stay in the know about all things happening at Lyon Park by visiting the General Services Lyon Park Project page.